Sports Flooring

Masterweave Commercial manufactures high-quality and durable sports flooring products. We are a major supplier of AWANA and basketball game carpets. For AWANA, we can provide a portable rug or a permanent flooring system. In addition to our AWANA Game Carpets and Athletic Gym Floor Carpets, we are a full-commercial line manufacturer and supplier that can provide your carpet needs for classrooms and church areas as well.

Masterweave Commercial has proudly served over 200 AWANA customers nation-wide. Please review the sample of our AWANA Game Carpet customers. All of our customers have agreed to assist you through the process of assembling your game carpets. Please feel free to call any on the list for further assistance.

AWANA Game Carpet Product Specifications

* Velcro game stripes can be purchased directly from the AWANA Catalog. Please contact AWANA at (888) 292-6248 to request a catalog.

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