Portable Game Flooring

This is an economical way to play the AWANA game: roll-up when finished, store away, return to play area, roll-out, and then play again.

Quality Assured

  • All weather flame retardent non-skid backing
  • No edge ravel or delamination
  • No backing separation, 5 years
  • No tuft pulls or snags, 5 years
  • 5 year face fiber warranty
  • 100% solution-dye for superior color
  • Fastness and stain resistance

This light-weight carpet offers ease of removal and set-up. Masterweave Carpets offers various sizes, including ones larger than 40' X 40', to meet your needs and requirements.

We ship four rolls of carpet that interlock. On one side there is a velcro piece sewn into the material that extends 1/2" past the edge of the roll facing up. On the opposite side the velcro is sewn into the material facing down. The second roll will interlock by fastening the underside of the roll to the extended 1/2" of velcro on the first roll. This process continues for the 3rd and 4th roll. AWANA Velcro Game Lines (ordered separately from the AWANA catalogue) go in position and then you are set-up to begin the game.

If you plan to leave the game floor in the same room, just roll it up and leave it against a wall. If you need to separate the four sections, it will be necessary to first cut the game lines where they cross over the seam before disassembling the flooring system. This will allow the game lines to remain in place during storage. When storing, roll the carpet loosely and every third time reverse roll to keep out wrinkles.

The Portable Flooring System can be used over all surface types, including level loop carpets.

Contact AWANA at (630) 213-2000 to order Velcro Game Lines. Please contact Masterweave Commercial with any additional questions.

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